Boden & Joe Browns: Clicks to Bricks

27th  Feb 2018

It wasn’t long ago that many proclaimed the death of physical retail and the British high street at the hands of e-commerce, as shops saw profits slump while online sales grew. However, towards the end of last year, we saw a trend in brands shifting their focus away from pure-play online strategies and increased adoption of multichannel retail.


This trend is due to the huge opportunities that multichannel retail holds for brands who are willing to get physical and make meaningful connections with customers in-store that aren’t achievable online. Stores that embraced this opportunity include fashion and lifestyle brand, Boden, who created their first physical space in the shape of a home-inspired store in Duke of York Square, in London’s Chelsea.

The home-from-home store is furnished with a mix of rustic furniture and domestic touches including vases of flowers and collections of vintage paperbacks housed in our charming glass dome. The customer is lead through the different rooms, with a staircase separating the women’s, accessories and footwear offer on the ground floor from the Baby Boden brands. The store has a distinctive, welcoming fragrance and customers using the lift can even hear Johnnie Boden’s voice.

We supplied specially stained bust forms to match the store’s sophisticated walnut matt finish. Jo McLardy, Director of Retail at Boden, commented: “Proportion’s professionalism and high-quality product helped with our smooth transition from established online brand into a physical space.”

Mail-order and online retailer Joe Browns also made a bold and impactful debut into physical retail with a unique, quirky and inspirational store in Meadowhall shopping centre, Sheffield. The decision to move to bricks-and-clicks retail came off the back of two record sales years for the company that’s reported a rise of more than 30% in direct sales.

Brimming with personality and built from a clear set of lifestyle values, the liberating brand’s first flagship store provides a haven for free-thinking, spontaneous individuals. The popular home-from-home theme is explored with the inclusion of purchasable paperbacks, decorative blossoms and homely furniture which is used alongside our shoe plates to present footwear.

Simplistic calico-covered busts and mannequins with wooden articulated arms stained in light smoked oak were chosen to form a stark contrast to the brand’s bold clothing. Laura Hardaker, Marketing Campaign Manager for Joe Browns, said: “Proportion’s extensive industry knowledge and experience enabled us to receive the best advice and product to help us bring our store to life.”

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