Burberry: 'Here We Are'

4th October 2017

Not dissimilar to Proportion London; decades of British heritage have formed a foundation of patriotic pride within Burberry, reflected in years of collections and shows celebrating these roots. This was most recently evident in the ‘Here We Are’ exhibition, held at the magnificent Grade II listed building; Old Sessions House in Clerkenwell, London.


A delightful product of fashion, ‘Here We Are’ opened its doors to London (and indeed the world) in the most British sense. Upon entrance, attendees were greeted by the grand interior of the old court room, leading into a maze of characterful rooms, each adorned with charming images suited to the particular theme of the room. 


Curated by Christopher Bailey (Chief Creative Officer) the show clearly relished the synonymy it holds with British culture, displaying work of 30 different photographers with a series of enchanting, raw and humorous pieces; all filling you with a great sense of odd pride for our little island and all its wondrous quirks.


Set across 3 floors, the heart of this palatial venue showcased Burberry’s latest collection, designed as a reflection of the many style tribes of the British Isles. Befitting of Burberry’s spring 2018 collection, the exhibition was unveiled during the recent London Fashion Week show.


‘Here We Are’, in summary, was a glorious indulgence of our British Isles. Our puddles, footie in the park, our failed holidays and temperamental weather, our defiance against conformity, and what’s more: our ability to take it all in great jest and good nature; all, so truly British.

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