Proportion London is fast becoming the go-to designer and manufacturer of creative fixtures to support the current retail trend for store space where fashion, retail and art move closer together.

The connection between art and fashion has always been strong, but innovative American fashion designer, Rick Owens has leveraged this relationship to provide an unforgettable store experience for his customers.

Using Allen Jones’s iconic 1969 ‘Chair’ and ‘Table’ as his starting point, Rick Owens and our skilled team have sculpted the designer’s own body into a masterful interpretation of a modern classic.

Morphing fashion and art to bring the consumer closer, visitors to Rick Owens Milan, LA and Hong Kong boutiques will be able to engage - extremely closely - with a very life-like Mr. Owens. Sitting on Rick will be positively encouraged and there are not many designers you can say that about.

The brief was to be as true to life as possible, with details such as leg and body hair placed exactly as on Rick’s own body. But since this is store furniture, both the table and chairs were built to be robustly functional, with supportive metal armature cleverly concealed within the sculpture.

Rick was first photographed in the Chair and Table position by master sculptor and our long-time collaborator, Rob Patterson, who used the images to work him into a clay form. The final sculpt was then cast in plaster and passed to our development team to work their technical magic.

Once constructed, our makeup artist hand painted Rick’s face and skin tones onto the figure, including his tattoos. Additional body hair was then inserted into the model by our hair technician to create the very ‘human’ effect Rick was after. Real leg and head hair were used to replicate Rick’s own body hair, which was painstakingly inserted - hair by individual hair - into the skin wrap. Even his underarm hair was carefully and exactly reproduced, with squirrel hair used for his eyelashes, as it is softer and more realistic than synthetic lashes.

The finished model was then dressed in Rick’s daily uniform of black T-shirt, black leggings, shorts and black boots.