CRAFT - the art of mannequin making

31st March 2017

A keen eye and an artful hand is what’s needed to initiate, develop and manufacture beautiful bespoke product. At Proportion London, we are fortunate to have a team of artisans who own these skills. Producing display equipment with integrity, dedication and a unique hand-made touch makes us extremely proud of our brand and the people involved.

Over two days – 5th & 6th  April, we will be bringing a pocket size chunk of creativity from our East London factory to our Shoreditch showroom. Inside, our talented craftsmen will be live in action revealing their labours of love; sculpting, tailoring and wood carving.  In addition we will be previewing our latest product and never seen before footage of our manufacturing facility.

As a company, we have always said that ‘value’ has a far deeper meaning than simply the price tag. Much like the craft of a bespoke tailored suit or an exquisite pair of shoes, our mannequins involve a tactile process and intricate skills - a rare proficiency in today’s VM industry.


Celebrating our craft during our open showroom, we invite our clients and friends to come and see what we’re renowned for. Are you ready to be fully immersed in the world of Proportion London?