Fiorucci Is Back!

21st  September 2017

Once known as the daytime Studio 54, the Fiorucci NYC boutique was a hot spot for celebrity icons such as Andy Warhol, Madonna, Elizabeth Taylor, Jackie-O and Marc Jacobs; some of whom live to tell the tale of the store in its heyday. The brainchild of Italian fashion supremo; Elio Fiorucci was ahead of his time in setting a blueprint for immersive lifestyle retail. Fiorucci was an early concept store where fashion, art, pop culture and music collided in one unique all-consuming experience.

Welcoming the brand with open arms and ready to fill our boots with nostalgia, we, at Proportion London were bursting at the seams with excitement when Fiorucci approached us with a brief to produce mannequins for the brand relaunch and opening of their three-storey London store. Dreamily humming sister-sledges’ - He’s the Greatest Dancer in our sassiest skin-tight jeans, our creative Development Team put their heads together to figure out how they were going to produce the show-stopping mannequins the brand rightly deserved. 

The mannequins needed to represent the idea of the Fiorucci lifestyle, but with a modern glamorous, fun, and sexy aesthetic - and what characterises that better than holographic paint? To see for yourself check out our psychedelic video of the mannequins in production. 


Never phased by the trickiest of briefs, our super skilled Production Team tracked down this elusive paint (which is predominantly used as a custom motor vehicle finish) and perfected a four coat spraying technique that achieved the most mesmerising effect and literally brought the factory to an awed standstill as it rolled out of the spray booths.

With a model army of twenty-six female and male mannequins, each with their own unique striking pose and finished in a rainbow-like kaleidoscope of colours, we anticipate they will be a talking point and most certainly an Instagrammable magnet for the ‘cool hunters’ of the millennial generation.


In an endearing sort of way, we regard all our projects as our babies, each receiving the TLC they need before flying the nest. And although it would be wrong of us to favour one offspring over another, let’s just say that this has been one of our most outstanding and fun projects to date.

The Fiorucci store can be found at 39-43, Brewer St, Soho, London and opened on the 16th September.


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