The Harlequin Family Grows

4th  April 2018

We have expanded our Harlequin Children collection to complete the much-loved set of figures that have proven popular with visual merchandisers across the globe.

Additions to the collection include seated and standing infants, teenagers and a maternity figure, providing a complete family that is ideal for tapping into the booming childrenswear market and the growing trend for mini-me dressing.

Perfect for the lifestyle boutique or a dedicated kids store with add-on product, the Harlequin figures feature articulated arms to carry bags, play with toys and interact with one another. Posing and positioning the Children also gives great personality to bring a store or creative concept to life.

An array of finishes and colours plus optional makeup and wigs provide further personalisation opportunities. With their expressiveness, individuality and playfulness, Harlequin Children are a fun alternative to standard fibreglass options, designed with retail's current lifestyle focus in mind.

The wider Harlequin collection also includes adult male and female figures that can be used alongside the Children to display a broad merchandise mix.

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