Harry Potter Studio Tour

15th August 2017

Harry Potter Studio Tour is the gift that keeps on giving. After opening in 2012 (eleven years after the fantasy movie series were released) the tour continuously reinvents itself as an entirely new magical experience within each visit. Featuring additional areas such as the forbidden forest and wizarding wardrobes, it's no wonder the blockbuster movie set attracts so many visitors even after all these years. The intricate details in the set designs, props, costumes, makeup and interactive features are second to none, visitors are made to feel as though Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is reality - it really is quite remarkable. 


The movies and novels which chronicle the life of Harry Potter and his friends have touched the hearts of millions, especially us here at Proportion London. We are honored to have helped in the creation of bringing the stories to life by developing bespoke display pieces and figures for the tour. One brief in particular that we initially thought might need a magic wand to achieve was the development of a body form for the half giant half human character; Hagrid. Measuring at a staggering height of 8'6", our talented team pulled their skills out of the bag and produced the full body form to scale. Using bundles of papier-mache, wadding and calico, (which was given an authentic aged finish - using a top secret recipe, we will give you a clue… you can drink it!) the Hagrid figure was complete. Having perfected the design of the humongous body form, we later produced several more which are showcased throughout the tour. But our development did not stop there, pretty much in every scene within the tour features our mannequins and products,  all of which have been custom specified. One of our favourite areas is the Dark Arts set where the Death Eaters sit and a scaly python slithers across a grand table, eeew! However, it is a difficult predicament to choose just one favorite as each display is profound and captivating in its own way. 


Giving credit where its due, none of this would be possible without the Creative Costume Director Laurent Guinci, who curated the displays for the Harry Potter Studio Tour. Laurent's passion and talent goes beyond his job title, with additional skills up his sleeve such as a degree in physics and math’s and often dabbles in photography and cookery. Laurent’s logical mind and creative eye are the perfect combination in producing the spectacular installations the tour is renowned for. Having worked with Laurent and his team for several years, we have developed a close relationship and are proud to have brought their visions to life. 


Although fashion presentation is known to be our forte we're also pretty nifty at movie set display too. Step aside Daniel Radcliffe while we momentarily revel in the limelight!


For information on bespoke projects and display presentation please contact our team who would be delighted to give advice and information on our product and services. Tel: +44 207 749 1300 Email: info@proportion.london