10th April 2017

When you've been around for as long as we have at Proportion London, hosting a successful showroom launch event becomes second nature. This time round however, we really pulled out the stops, putting on a two day showcase in early April to illustrate our craft based production, through a series of live demonstrations including sculpting, wood carving and tailoring. In doing this, we also wanted to reveal our spirit of creativity, which is somewhat lost in today's mass-produced world.

Each of our makers exhibited a strong sense of originality in the pieces they created during the show, expressing an exemplary level of knowledge and passion in their specialist areas, and proving their unique and enviable skills are an impressive addition to the many unique collections Proportion design and manufacture for the VM industry.

But the impressive nature of our new showroom launch did not stop there. The new showroom set was styled like a New York Loft apartment, featuring floor to ceiling shelving, each grouped with mini stories to showcase the innovative accessory collections for which we are renowned. Complete with inspirational art books and material swatches the showroom display are beautifully tactile and so proved irresistible to the touch of our clients.

One piece in particular that steels the show is our brand new male mannequin collection; Monsieur. The male counterpart to Mademoiselle (launched this time last year), his striking, angular facial features and strong poses are instantly captivating, and teamed with an authentic looking pigmented finish, delineates a raw industrial aesthetic appealing to those who have a love for the arts. 

Many of the retail brands, design agencies and press who visited across the two days, were oblivious to the level of skill and expertise that goes into mannequin making and often, they do not realise the scale of our manufacturing facility (42,000 sq.ft. to be exact). To inform our clients, we commissioned a detailed video showcasing our factory processes and artisan techniques. Our visitors left both educated and impressed when shown the manhours of detailed attention that go into the making of each of our products.

In all, we are thrilled with the new showroom layout and what we were able to show during the two day pop-up, spelling out clearly the message that UK manufacture is alive and well, and residing in East London!

Although our artisans have now departed, the showroom is always around. If you would like to see the new collections, please call on +44 (0) 207 749 1300 and make an appointment with our sales team.